Some Thoughts from the Holy Father

Pope Francis proposes 15 simple acts of charity and 11 forms of fasting that are concrete manifestations of the love of God and which serve to prepare our hearts for Easter:

  • Smile - a Christian is always happy
  • Say thanks even when you don't have to
  • Remind others how much you love them
  • Say hello with pleasure to those people you see every day
  • Listen to the stories of others, without prejudice, with love
  • Stop and help. Be aware of those who need help
  • Lift the spirits of others
  • Celebrate the qualities and successes of others
  • Pick those things you don't use and give them to someone who needs them
  • Help when it is needed in order the other can rest
  • Correct with love, don't keep quiet through fear
  • Be kind in the small things with those near to you
  • Keep clean the things you use at home
  • Help others to overcome obstacles
  • Ring your parents
  • Desist from wounding remarks and say nice things
  • Desist from being discontent and be full of gratitude
  • Desist from being angry and be full of meekness and patience
  • Desist from being pessimistic and be full of hope and optimism
  • Desist from worrying and be full of trust in the Lord
  • Desist from complaining and be full of the simple things of life
  • Desist from pressures and be full of prayer
  • Desist from sadness and bitterness and fill your heart with happiness
  • Desist from being selfish and be full of compassion for others
  • Desist from being unforgiving and be full of the attitude of reconciliation
  • Stop talking, be silent and listen to others
If we try to do these daily, we will be filled with peace, trust, happiness and life.