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Community Events

Confirmation Classes for Year 7: These will run on the following dates for all those who began their preparation last academic year. The classes will be held in the meeting room at St Urban’s Church on 6th 13th and 22nd November 2018 - 6.30pm to 7.30pm. It is essential that all classes are attended before the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday 25th November 2018 at our 10.30am Mass. For further information please contact Fr Gerard on stjjparish@gmail.com

All those in Years 7 and above who have not been confirmed yet a course will run in Late Spring 2019. Please apply, in writing, so that we can plan the dates for the course. Closing Dates for applications 28th January 2019.

The following events take place regularly within the parish. Do check the parish bulletin for any changes to venue, times etc

Children's Liturgy - During the 10:30 Sunday Mass at St Urban's.

Parents and Toddlers Playgroup - Every Monday (except during the school holidays) 09:30am - 11:15am at Parochial Church Hall, Memorial Drive. The group is thriving but more helpers are needed. Please contact Michelle (0113 228 9380) , Janet (0113 294 7108) or Mary (0113 289 3780).

SVP Leeds Christmas Lunches - St Vincent’s Support Centre, 4 Berking Avenue, Leeds, LS9 9LF

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