Both our Churches will be open for Mass this Sunday. Only 30 people are allowed into St Urban's Church and 40 into Our Lady of Lourdes Church at any one time. Please adhere to social distancing keeping 2 metres apart at all times. Please use the following buttons to book places at Sunday Masses:

5 telephone bookings will be taken for each Mass by ringing 07783 648 419 on Thursday or Friday. Please note the Sunday obligation is dispensed with at the present time so Mass during the week 7pm on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at St Urban's maybe a better option for you. Please be kind and allow others to attend Mass so one booking per week would help to allow as many as possible to attend. Thank you.

Face coverings: are mandatory in Church. Parishioners attending churches should bring face coverings with them, and wear them in church unless they are exempt from doing so. This is for the good of all who gather in the church for Mass as it is an enclosed public space where there are people from differing households who they do not normally meet.

Worshippers should limit their interactions with anyone they are not attending church with, i.e. if they are attending corporate worship with one other household, wherever possible they should maintain social distancing with anyone outside of this group.

Readers should sanitise their hands before and after reading or be supplied with single-use gloves and should avoid touching the microphones or the Lectionary during the Liturgy of the Word, apart from page turning. Readers may remove their face coverings at the lectern to read and should replace them before stepping away from it, providing the lectern is sufficiently distant from the congregation.

Priests in the sanctuary providing they are sufficiently distant (2 metres or more) from the congregation do not need to wear a face covering except when distributing Holy Communion. Other ministers in the sanctuary should wear face coverings and remain socially distant from the celebrant.

Holy Communion: a communicant should unloop their face covering and with arms at ‘full stretch’ extend their hands as flatly as possible, palms upwards, one of top of the other, to receive Holy Communion. They should then immediately consume the Sacred Host and replace their face covering before moving back to their seat.

Further information and parish notices are available on the Weekly Bulletin page.

With prayers and blessings for you all,
Fr Gerard